TBS Caipirinha 2 Plug and Play

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The most efficient and smooth long range cruiser the world of FPV has ever seen!

The Caipirinha II is based on the Wipeout by HappyFlyers from Switzerland! A polycarbonate battery bay, push-to-open equipment bays, a PDB with up to 3 battery inputs, wiring channels that stretch across the entire wing, a huge 6mm-plywood-lined center section are just some of the innovations that make this plane stand out from the rest. An ultra-sleek and aerodynamic finish ensure that no energy goes to waste, and a very good glide slope makes thermaling or long distance sloping highly enjoyable.

The PNP kit from TBS is equipped with high quality, digital metal gear servos, a CP2814-1150kV Cobra motor, 50A HobbyWing ESC and high-quality Aeronaut CAM Carbon folding propellers. Vertical climbs, rocket-like punch outs, or highly efficient cruising are all within the design parameters of this setup! 

We can confidently say it's going to be the only long range cruiser you will ever need, and the only flying wing in its weight class with such a performance envelope. 

  • Small, lightweight, fly anywhere design
  • Ultimate in flight stability and endurance
  • Virtually indestructible EPP/Plywood construction
  • Pre-cut camera, servo, battery, R/C receiver and video transmitter slots
  • 2x push-to-open equipment bays for R/C and FPV electronics
  • Pre-cut, sanded and covered ultra-lightweight elevons & pushrods


  • 36.5in / 93cm wingspan
  • 50oz / 1400g AUW (including GoPro Session5 and battery)
  • 90min flying time
  • 45mi / 75km endurance
  • Battery (4S):
    • Capacity: 4500mAh 4S - 6600mAh 4S, 20C or more
    • SUGGESTED Dimension: 48 x 36 x 150 mm, 525g
    • MAX Dimension: 60 x 44 x 165 mm, 550g


  • FPV camera: Any high-quality FPV camera with low 
  • Video transmission:
    • 5.8GHz: TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V3 or HV
    • 2.4GHz: TBS CORE PRO with Unify 500mW / 800mW VTx or Immersion RC 2.4GHz 700mW VTx
  • Crossfire Micro Rx or Diversity Rx

Preliminary Manual:

  1. Lay out electronics (dry-fit)
  2. Glue wing halves together
  3. Set up radio gear and electronics
  4. Set elevon travel +8mm, -6mm
  5. AIL EXPO 60%, ELE EXPO 50%
  6. Mount propeller
  7. Check CG (bump near 30.5mm cutouts)
  8. Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat!

1x CAIPIRINHA 2 with all hardware accessories
2x Digital MG Servo 6kgf/cm, 5-6V
1x CP2814-1050kV Cobra Motor
1x 50A HobbyWing Skywalker Wing ESC
1x Aeronaut 10x6 folding prop with prop assembly (CNC aluminum)

Everything prepared as far as possible. Final assembly time around 2 hours.

Download Manual

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