Flydigi Stinger Mobile Game Trigger

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Flydigi Stinger Mobile Game Trigger
The best mobile gaming triggers have finally arrived.  The Flydigi Stinger is the first triggers to use Flydigi's patented CapAir Mapping Technology, which insures accurate and instantaneous reactions in all your mobile games.  These triggers actually improve your abilities in games like Fortnite and Pubg Mobile by allowing you to use 4 fingers at the same time, instead of just 2.  Now you can move, aim, fire and look around at the same time.  Become the best with the Flydigi Stinger!


Looking for a more exciting PUBG/Fortnite battlefield or shooting skill improvement? Flydigi Stinger is here to help you rule the game!

Do you wish you could take your gaming to the next level? What if you could effortlessly improve aiming accuracy, shoot faster, and have flexible multi-control for mobile games? With Flydigi Stinger, you can enjoy the ultimate mobile gaming experience. It is simple to use, comfortable, and packed with performance that helps you excel with today’s hottest games.

Groundbreaking CapAir Mapping Technology

Stinger utilizes Flydigi’s patented CapAir Mapping technology which:

  • Simulates human hand touch by sending a capacitive signal.
  • Does not require any connection or additional activation steps (e.g. No Bluetooth or wire connection needed).
  • No 3rd-Party App needed. After a simple and quick installation, you’re ready to play.
Autofire and Single Fire Supported
Unlike most mobile gamepads or triggers, Flydigi Stinger supports Auto mode (a faster way to shoot) using a combination of CapAir Mapping technology and built-in lithium active impulses that simulates a touchscreen auto fire of 8 times per second. A simple Long press of your Stinger boosts your fire!  Guns like the M16 and SKS can now be set to fire in auto mode, similar to assault rifles like the M4!
Securely Fit Your Phone
The stretchable design fits your phone and locks it securely. You never have to worry about your gaming trigger coming loose from your phone when the battle is about to be won!
Flydigi Stinger is designed for a more user-friendly experience – you don’t have to take off your phone case when using Stinger. Also, connection and control sensitivity will not be affected by screen protectors either!
Simple Installation
The stretchable design is made to fit phone widths up to 82mm. Adjust the yellow handle until it securely locks your phone, and you’re all set!
Lets Compare
Two is better than one
You can always use a single unit of Flydigi Stinger for better aiming and more effective shooting, but why not fully gear up your phone with a pair of Stingers to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, or pair your Stinger with Flydigi Wasp to achieve a wider field of view and flexible multi-control!
Comfort from ergonomic design
A notch is specifically designed to prevent users mistakenly pressing the volume button or lock buttons during gaming. The elastic band helps Stinger fit different phone sizes seamlessly and securely.
Never Run Out of Juice
Running out of battery power when you are close to a win is frustrating to say the least. To avoid this, we upgraded Stinger’s battery life and improved it to 120 hours for those heated battles and long gaming sessions. 
Ultra Portable
Had enough for bulky mobile gamepads? Try Stinger, it’s compact, lightweight and fast. Treat yourself to the best portable mobile gaming gear!

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