HEQ G-Port 3-Axis Gimbal For DJI O3 and Caddx

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The G-port is an innovative 3-axis gimbal designed by HEQ for enthusiasts of FPV. With superior stability, it can be installed in both upright and inverted positions. This versatile component is compatible with the DJI O3 Air Unit or CADDX cameras and has 3 inputs available: Mavlink, Sbus, and PWM. It is highly adaptable to various platforms, making it easy for users to customize their gimbal camera setup.

Experience smooth video from this 3-axis mechanical gimbal. No need for software tricks or additional cropping to get natural video that doesn't make you dizzy. Its small size allows installation in just about any craft, in the air or on land. 

Features and Advantages:

  • High stability, supports upright and inverted installation.
  • Compatible with a variety of flight platforms.
  • It not only has powerful hardware, but also has a very balanced combination of software and hardware, and its stability enhancement is also very powerful.
  • The three-axis gimbal is equipped with a yaw axis, a roll axis, and a pitch axis, which means that the lens can rotate freely.
  • The hands-on operation feels excellent.


  • Axes: Mechanical Three-Axis
  • Weight: 67g
  • Gimbal Angles:
    • Pitch: -135° to 45°
    • Yaw: -135° to 135°
    • Roll: -45° to 45°
  • Supported Control Modes: SBUS, PWM, Mavlink
  • Supported Camera Types: DJI O3/Caddx (Contact HEQ for other camera types)
  • Supply Voltage: 12-18V

HEQ G-Port 3-Axis Gimbal For DJI O3 and Caddx
HEQ G-Port 3-Axis Gimbal For DJI O3 and Caddx
HEQ G-Port 3-Axis Gimbal For DJI O3 and Caddx

1x HEQ G-Port 3-Axis Gimbal For DJI O3 or Caddx
3x G-Port cable
1x Bracket carbon plate
4x Shock absorbing ball
6x Matching screws
1x Certificate of compliance
1x Manual

G-Port Installation Playlist

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