Impulse RC Apex OSD Board

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The Apex frame is a perfect fit for all modern FPV electronics allowing a wide range of choices for your build, however, if you prefer to fly KISS and FETtec the experience is second to none.

Impulse RC has created a fully graphical OSD with a unique mounting position, along with a high powered regulator board, designed specifically for the cleanest possible video feed.

The new graphical OSD is based on ImpulseOSD which was introduced with the WolfPDB - so all the popular features such as VTX and camera control and GPS/Mag support are of course included.

Impulse RC Apex OSD Board

By placing the graphical OSD behind the camera it is removed from all sources of electrical noise. The video pathway is kept as short as possible with the sensitive analog signal being fed directly from the camera into the OSD then traveling to the VTX immediately above. All high current ESC and Lipo power, as well as EMI producing switching regulators, are well removed in the rear of the frame.

Sensitive analog video components are on the front of the OSD facing the camera. The internal ground planes within the PCB act as a shield to block electrical noise from the ESCs for the cleanest video possible on a miniquad. The only regulator on the OSD is of the smooth and clean linear variety, with the two aluminum standoffs behind the PCB acting as heatsinks to ensure the OSD can handle the load of your high powered VTX.

1x Impulse RC Apex OSD Board

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