Matek AS-DLVR-I2C Digital Airspeed Sensor

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The AS-DLVR-I2C Digital Airspeed Sensor is the best airspeed sensor supported by Ardupilot.  


  • Sensor: All sensors DLVR-L10D,  Industrial temperature range
  • DLVR-L10D Sensor datasheet, pls visit
  • Interface: I2C (SCL & SDA)
  • Sensor I2C address: 0x28
  • Pressure Ranges: 2500Pa
  • Maximum Pressure: 75kPa
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 85°C
  • Board Supply voltage: 4~5.5V DC
  • Working current: 5mA
  • Red LED:  3.3V power indicator
  • JST-GH sequence: 5V, SCL, SDA, GND
  • Weight: 3.5g (sensor board)


  • Compatible with ArduPilot only for now, INAV doesn’t support it.
  • AS-DLVR-I2C support I2C interface only. For CAN connection, pls visit ASPD-DLVR page, or use AS-DLVR-I2C with CAN Node L431
  • 3D step file

Matek Digital Airspeed SensorIncludes:
1x Matek AS-DLVR-I2C Digital Airspeed Sensor
1x JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P 20cm Silicon Wire
1x Pitot Tube
1x Clear Silicon Tubing (40cm)

Matek AS-DLVR-I2C Digital Airspeed Sensor Specs and Wiring

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