Matek CRSF-PWM-6 6 Channel CRSF to PWM Converter

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Matek's CRSF to PWM converters are useful for anyone needing PWM outputs for connecting to servos and other gear on your model. This little board works with any receiver supporting the CRSF protocol, which includes TBS Crossfire and ExpressLRS receivers.  The CRSF-PWM-6 has 6 physical outputs.


  • Compatible with CRSF protocol receiver only
  • Support any CRSF protocol receivers(including 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz)
  • 6x PWM outputs
  • PWM frequency configurable (50Hz default, 100,160,330, 400Hz)
  • 2x UARTs (for Receiver and GPS)
  • Telemetry ID: RxBt, Curr, Capa, Bat%, GPS, GSpd, Hdg, Alt, Sats
  • 36V Max. battery voltage sense (1K:10K voltage divider built-in)
  • Compatible with external Current sensor (0~3.3V)
  • Vbat and Current sensor scale configurable
  • Failsafe value auto set
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Rated voltage: 4~9V @5V pad, 0~36V @Vbat, 0~3.3V @Curr
  • No 5V regulator built-in
  • 25mm x 16mm, 1.3g
  • Packing:  1x CRSF-PWM-6, Dupont 2.54 pins

Wiring Diagram

Matek CRSF to PWM-6 Wiring Diagram

1x Matek CRSF-PWM-6 CRSF to PWM Converter

Detailed instructions at this link

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