TBS Tango 2 - Nostalgia Shell (Transparent)

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The Tango 2 transparent shell, leave it as it is or paint it and let your creativity flow.  Combine it with the Nostalgia Antenna (Transparent) to fully customize your radio.


For customizing purpose (paint job, hydro-dip, etc), we left the led diffuser, speakers and buttons uninstalled. 

Buttons and Defusers:

  • Put it in place through the plastic pins.
  • With your soldering iron, melt the pins down to hold the buttons down.

Speaker Unit:

  • The speaker unit on your existing case is held on with glue.
  • Carefully cut into the glue along the wall of the speaker unit with an exacto knife
  • Pull out the speaker and rub off the leftover glue 
  • You can install the speaker to the new case with silicon adhesive or other glue

1x Top Shell
1x Bottom Shell
2x Momentary Switch Buttons
1x [Exit Menu Page] Buttons
1x LED Diffuser
2x Case Tags

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