Flywoo 6 Port 1S Battery Charger

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The Flywoo 6-Port 1S Battery Charger is compatible with both A30 and PH20 1S battery connectors. It comes equipped with a 5V/3A adapter and can charge up to six batteries simultaneously, with each port providing a charging current of 500mA. This charger supports switching between 4.2V/4.35V charging voltage and 1A fast-charging mode, with a red LED indicating charging in progress and a green LED indicating when charging is complete.

However, if the input voltage drops below 4.5V, the red LED will light up. The charger also features battery protection, automatically switching to a 50mA charging current when the voltage drops below 2.5V and returning to a 500mA charging current when the voltage reaches 2.9V.

This charger is easy to operate and provides safe and stable charging. Its exquisite and sturdy structure includes transparent acrylic panels that are 3mm thick and four CNC aluminum alloy fixtures, which help to secure and protect the charger.


  • Input: 5V/3A (TYPE-C IN)
  • Output: 4.35V/0.5A (Default)
  • The first A30 Plug charger on the market.
  • Charge up to six batteries simultaneously.
  • Exquisite and sturdy structure with 3mm-thick transparent acrylic panels.


  • 4.2V Pad: 4.2V Lipo Battery
  • 1A Pad: Charging Current 1A Max (Input 5V/6A)
  • Each port has a Ph2.0 & A30 connector,  please DO NOT charge 2 batteries in one port at the same time. Otherwise, the battery life will be reduced or the battery will be damaged.

Flywoo 6 port 1S Battery Charger
Flywoo 6 Port 1S Battery Charger
1x Flywoo 6 Port 1S Battery Charger
1x Plug
1x USB to Type C Power Cable


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