Emax Hawk Apex 3.5 Inch 4S HDZero Ultralight Racing Drone

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EMAX re-engineered the Hawk racing drone line into the best of its class. The most critical key to performance Is the clarity of your video transmission feed which is why the Hawk Apex features the all-new HD Zero VTX system. With astonishing low latency suited for high-speed maneuvers, pilots will be able to respond faster to any obstacles in their way.

Featuring a redesigned power system, with a variety of flavors for each specific use case a pilot may require. When needing a more travel friendly set up or when faced with a tight racing course, the Hawk Apex offers a powertrain designed around 3.5" propellers on 2004 brushless motors, giving pilots faster response and more powerful torque for quick recovery and short turns.


  • Wheelbase: 162mm
  • Motor: EMAX ECOII 2004 3000KV Motors
  • Dimensions:  145*145*30mm
  • Propeller: Avia 3630 TRIBLADE propeller
  • Weight (excluding battery): 172g
  • VTX: HD Zero Whoop
  • Camera: Runcam Nano HD Zero
  • VTX Antenna: Emax Nano Antenna UFL
  • Flight Controller:  F722(STM32F7X2(s7x2))
  • ESC:  4 IN 1 25A ESC
  • Receiver:  No receiver / EMax ELRS 2.4G RX

Recommended Battery:  850mAh 4S XT30
Recommended Receiver (Not Included):  HDZero VRX Digital HD Receiver ModuleEMax Hawk Apex 5" Racing DroneIncludes:
1x EMax Hawk Apex 3.5" HDZero Ultralight Racing Drone
1x Avia 3630 Tri-Blade Propellers
1x Screw Pack
1x Manual

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