DarwinFPV Cement Ultra Durable F7 100A Waterproof Stack

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Darwin FPV "cement" ultra-durable waterproof stack is the top stack launched by the Darwin team for professional pilots. It completely solves the industry problem of poor reliability of FPV drones, allowing you to fly in any environment and greatly improving the fun of flying. Satisfy your various creative inspirations!

Includes many novel features such as high thermal conductivity heat dissipation shell, glue filling inside for waterproof and impact-resistance, ultra-high current MOS bus technology with multiple hardware protections - soft start protection circuit, anti-reverse polarity connection, anti-short circuit, and anti-over current circuit protection. This ensures stability and reliability in extreme environments.

The original design intention of the "cement" ultra-durable series of products:

How to make FPV drones break through the environmental limits again? To enhance the fun of flying for pilots, experience different flying perspectives, shoot different materials, and not be afraid of dust, rain, snow, and any harsh environment.

We have noticed that to prevent dust, tin slag, grass juice, rain, etc. from damaging electronic equipment, the pilots have tried methods such as three-proof paint and printed parts to protect the equipment, which not only have complicated processes, waste time, cannot be returned to the factory for warranty, but also have low reliability and high failure rates.

To this end, Darwin launched a new "cement" ultra-durable series, so that you have more confidence to challenge the extreme environment. "If you are afraid that the drone will fall due to accidents, please use cement!"

Why is it called "cement"?

Because its appearance is potted like cement, and it has the same strong durability.


  • IP67 dust and waterproof rating, capable of withstanding immersion in 0.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without harm.
  • All products in the series are crafted using the highest-grade components, providing you with an unparalleled experience and top-tier enjoyment.
  • The F722 main control chip boasts incredibly strong computing power, allowing for unrestricted full configuration operation.
  • Multiple protections including soft-start protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit overcurrent protection, and over-temperature protection ensure double the safety.
  • The innovative "sandwich" stacking scheme is employed in the electronic speed controller (ESC), offering greater current capacity, enhanced heat dissipation, and increased spatial utilization.
  • 128KHz dynamic PWM output for finer throttle control.
  • MPU6000 and ICM42688 gyroscopes optional
  • Onboard 4G massive black box storage
  • Onboard Pit Switch module
  • Onboard multi-level LED indicator lights for quick inspection of flight controller operation status. 
DarwinFPV Cement Ultra Durable F7 100A Waterproof Stack

1x DarwinFPV Cement Ultra Durable F7 Waterproof Flight Controller
1x DarwinFPV Cement Ultra Durable BLHeli_32 4-In-1 100A Waterproof ESC
1x 30mm ESC Cable (8P)
1x 65mm Analog VTX Cable (4P)
1x 65mm GPS Cable (6P)
1x 65mm Receiver Cable (4P)
1x 65mm HD VTX Cable (6P)
1x XT60
1x 14AWG Power Cable 120mm (soldered to ESC)
1x 35V/1000uF Electrolytic Capacitor (soldered to ESC)
4x M3*4.5mm Shock-Absorbing Balls (Installed on FC)
4x M3*6.6mm Shock-Absorbing Balls (Installed on ESC)
4x M3*25 Hexagon Socket Head Black 304 Screws (installed on stack)
4x M3 Nylon Nuts
1x Sticker

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