Immersion RC PowerPlay FPV DVR H.264 60FPS

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The internal DVR on FatShark Dominator Goggles is ‘ok’, but it doesn’t come close to the quality that PAL/NTSC can offer. Instead of the MJPEG compression used in the Dominator, the PowerPlay uses x264 (AVC) compression, with a much higher bit-rate. The 30fps frame rate of the Dominator is also doubled to 60fps, which is essential for capturing fluid race footage.

A/V Cable is now available for connecting to camcorders:

Immersion RC A/V Cable for Camcorders

The Power Part…

PowerPlay’s Power section is a pair of two 18500, Li-ion cells, that can power a Dominator HDO + rapidFIRE + DVR for up to 3 hours *.

To recharge, either use the built-in USB-C port for up to 1.5A charging, or simply pop out the cells, and replace with a freshly charged set.

* 3 hours with 2040mAh cells, not shipped with the product

Head Strap

The PowerPlay ships with a head-mounting accessory pack. A quick-release clip mounts on the rear of the standard goggle headstrap, and the new included top-strap ensures a comfortable fit.

A short ‘Y’ cable connects power, A/V, and the fan connector.

The rear-mounted DVR has the advantage of letting people standing behind you see what you, the pilot, is seeing.

A longer version of the cable is also supplied, for those who would rather keep their battery/DVR in a pocket, and keep weight off of the head.

Show off your Micro/Whoop Footage

Quads that are extremely lightweight do not want the extra weight burden of an HD camera system. High-quality SD recordings of these amazing indoor flights are therefore of interest. PowerPlay delivers this quality.

The Choice of the Tapeless Camcorder Community

The PowerPlay has become the DVR of choice for fans of tapeless camcorders.

Tapes for these wonderful 'retro' camcorders have become difficult to find, but with the PowerPlay, these camcorders are offered a new lease of life, with storage on easy-to-find micro SD cards.

Check out what this community is doing:


  • Power: 2x 18500 Li-ion cells (without protection circuits) ** Not Included **
  • Power Switch: Yes… powers both the DVR, and the Goggles
  • Video File Format: h264 (AVC)
  • Video File Resolution: 720×576 (PAL), 720×480 (NTSC)
  • Video Data Rate: ~15Mbps (PAL), ~8Mbps (NTSC)
  • Black Flashy: None
  • Built-in 6cm LCD screen
  • Can serve as a battery pack for FPV goggles

1x Immersion RC PowerPlay FPV DVR H.264 60FPS
1x Head Strap Clip
1x Over-head Strap
1x Replacement fan cover mounting kit w/Strap clip
1x Short DC/AV ‘Y’ cable for head-mounting use (incl. Fan Power)
1x Long DC/AV ‘Y’ cable for pocket use (incl. Fan Power)

Immersion RC A/V Cable for Camcorders

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