HeeWing T-1 Ranger VTOL - PNP + Flight Controller Kit

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The T-1 Ranger VTOL now comes with F405 based VTOL flight controller pre-installed and pre-configured.  The motors, ESC, and wiring are all already done for you as well.  If you want to feel factory parameters, you just need to hook up and configure your receiver and install your FPV system and you are ready to VTOL take off, anywhere!

Traditionally, one of the major disadvantages of a fixed-wing model is the need for a runway or launcher for take-off.  Another problem is the constant wear and tear and shorter lifespan of the aircraft due to rough landings.  With VTOL ( vertical take-off and landing ) a model can take off, land, and hover in a tiny fraction of the space.


  • Small, lightweight, and portable at 730mm wingspan
  • Quick disassembly design. Assemble and disassemble for transportation in a minute
  • VTOL - Vertical Take Off and Landing
  • Superb aerodynamic design. Stable at low speed
  • Large internal space to carry battery and electronics with high flexibility to achieve the best CG 
  • Front and rear hatch for maximum flexibility organizing your electronics
  • Dedicated front FPV camera mount
  • Newly revised air intake for better cooling
  • Easily detachable main wings reduce damage during a crash
  • Brand: Hee Wing RC
  • Model : T1 Ranger VTOL - PNP + FC
  • Color: Gray only
  • Wingspan: 730mm
  • Length: 645mm
  • Height: 140mm
  • Takeoff Weight: 600g to 750gram
  • Fuselage Size : 245m(L) x 51mm(W) x 48mm(H)
  • Minimum Speed: <20km/h
  • Maximum Speed : >120km/h
  • Maximum Range : > 25km
  • Maximum Cruise Time : > 65min
  • Package Dimension : 400mm x 230mm x 155mmm

    F405 based VTOL Flight Controller specially customized for Hee Wing RC with much smaller form factor. Pre-loaded with VTOL parameters. 

    Heewing T-1 Ranger VTOL PNP F405 Flight Controller
    Heewing T-1 Ranger VTOL PNP
    Heewing T-1 Ranger PNP VTOL

    1x HeeWing T-1 Ranger VTOL - PNP Kit
    1x F405 Flight Controller
    5x Servos
    3x Motors
    3x ESC
    1x GPS
    Gemfan 5126 Props

    Download Manual

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