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VAS Pepperbox XTreme 1.3GHz RHCP Antenna (SMA)

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VAS Pepperbox XTreme 1.3GHz RHCP Antenna (SMA)

Offering both high gain and a wide flight beam, the Pepperbox Xtreme is the ultimate FPV antenna.  You don’t have to compromise coverage for long range with a Pepperbox Xtreme.  With a gain of 13.25dbic and a flight beam of 165 degrees, the sky is yours to wander and explore as far as your aircraft can fly.

Should be used in conjunction with RHCP antennas on your transmitters for the best performance. Each antenna has been individually tested and optimized for ideal efficacy.


  • Gain: 13.25dbic
  • Axial ratio: 0.99 (measured)
  • Bandwidth: 1000-1560MHz
  • Flight beam (horizontal): 165 degrees
  • Flight beam (vertical): 65 degrees
  • -3db point: +/- 55 degrees

1x VAS Pepperbox XTreme 1.3GHz RHCP Antenna (SMA)

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