Armattan Odonata 1.6" Nano Frame

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Introducing the Armattan Odonata, the smallest FPV frame we have ever produced. But do not let the small size fool you. This model was designed and put through testing phases by a young engineering student, pilot, and designer based in New York. His name is Kai Lin, aka Craftedkwads. We figured it was best to let him describe this frame so here's what he has to say about it.

The Odonata is a nano drone that fits in your pocket, rips like a boss, and hums like a dragonfly (true to its namesake). Fits through the tiniest of gaps, and makes worlds out of small spots.

1.5mm thick carbon fiber plates make for great durability, and the custom Delrin standoffs are almost half the density of the standard aluminum ones (while retaining the needed strength), making the Odonata one of the lightest frames on the market, in a class where weight is the #1 priority. Fully thought out, the Odonata offers proper motor protection, camera protection, and build durability. A top-mounted battery makes for easy access and optimal flight characteristics.

The Odonata captures the essence of whoops and boosts their performance, durability, and ease of use. With a nearly identical wheelbase, the Odonata has a not-so-identical amount of performance, versatility, and fun. It's a better flyer.

Armattan Odonata Nano Frame

1x 1.5mm Main Plate
1x 1.5mm Top Plate
8x M2 5mm Iron Cup Head Bolts
4x M2 10mm Iron Cup Head Bolts
8x M2 Nylon Nuts
4x Delrin M2 15mm Standoff
1x Cam Mount for Foxeer Razer Pico
4x Rubber Bands
1x Antenna Tube
2x Landing Dogbone pads

Download 3d Printed Parts

Armattan Lite Disclaimer
Armattan Lite frames are not lifetime warrantied; they are built for a different purpose. They will, however, be priced accordingly (read: very competitively). Armattan Lite will offer spare parts for cheap and continue to support one of the original visions of the company; to keep guys in the air without milking them for replacements.

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