BrotherHobby Avenger V3 2306.5 Motors

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BrotherHobby Avenger V3 2306.5 Motors

Need a killer race or freestyle motor that will take an absolute pounding??

Look no further than the Brother Hobby Avenger V3 2306.5. Suitable for 5-7" props on 4S, 5S and absolutely cracking on 6S with 5.1" high pitch props. Forget about fine-tuning your Betaflight filters to minimize heat, the mil-spec windings can take up to 260 degrees C before breaking a sweat. These beasts smash out over 2kgs of thrust at a peak of 52A on 5.1" props on 6S!


  • Brand:  BrotherHobby
  • Item Name: Avenger V3 2306.5 Motor
  • KV: 2000KV/ 2450KV (Optional)
  • Stator Dimension: 23mm
  • Stator Height: 6.5mm
  • Motor Dimension: Φ28*32.9mm
  • Weight: About 34g (Including Cable)

Package Included:
1x BrotherHobby Avenger V3 2306.5 2000KV / 2450KV Motor

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