DarwinFPV Cement 1000mW 5.8GHz Waterproof Video Transmitter

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Darwin Cement VTX is a highly durable VTX that is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. With a maximum output power of 1000mW, it ensures reliable performance even in harsh conditions. It features anti-reverse connection and anti-surge protection, ensuring the VTX remains undamaged even without an antenna connected. Rest assured, this VTX is designed to thrive in challenging environments.


  • Our VTX is rated IP67 for waterproofing, allowing it to withstand immersion in water up to 0.5 meters deep for 30 minutes without any damage.
  • It features an anti-reverse connection, anti-surge, and over-temperature protection circuit for enhanced safety and reliability.
  • With a military-grade power amplifier chip, our VTX is designed to prevent damage even if the antenna is not connected.
  • With a high power output of 1000mW, it offers stronger signal penetration, ensuring a more stable picture and longer transmission distance.


  • Model: DarwinFPV Cement 5.8G 1000mW VTX
  • Input Voltage: DC7-24V(2-6S)
  • The Output Voltage: Non
  • Rated current(Tested at maximum power): 10V/600mA@1000mW/30dBm
  • Transmission distance: 3km(There is no interference at the seaside, and the original antenna is used for testing) 
  • Input Impedance: 75Ω
  • Channel Indicate: 3 LEDs 1 power indicator light (red light)
  • VTX protocol: SmartAudio
  • Antenna interface:  MMCX
  • Cable input interface: 4P double-ended tinned connecting cable
  • Output power: 200mW/800mW/1W
  • Method to adjust parameters(button/OSD): OSD
  • Frequency group: 40 channel(A/B/E/F/R frequency group)
  • Frequency range  : 5645-5945MHz (5.645-5.945GHz)
  • Operating temperature: -10℃-50℃
  • Video format: NTSC/PAL
  • Microphone: None
  • Mounting Hole Size:  30.5mm × 30.5mm (M3)
  • Size:  38mm × 37mm × 4.5mm
  • Weight: 9.2g±5g (without antenna and power cable) 

1x DarwinFPV Cement 1000mW 5.8GHz Waterproof Video Transmitter
1x 4P 90mm VTX Cable
1x Sticker

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