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TBS Source One 5" V0.2

$29.99   In Stock

TBS Source One 5" V.02

TBS Source One V0.2

Changes from v.11 to v.20

  • top plate: new design pattern
  • top plate: wider battery strap slots
  • top plate: removed indentation near the second spacer row
  • top plate: ziptie holes for RX Antennas
  • center plate: ziptie holes for securing battery cable
  • cam plate: new design
  • added slots for MicroCam metal brackets
  • bottom plate: micro cam bracket mounting slots
  • bottom plate: 20x20 VTX stack holes
  • 20x20 FC support
  • arms: better motor protection
  • bottom battery mount slots for 20mm straps
  • Impulse RC Wolf PDB support
  • added silicone/foam battery pads (top & bottom)


The camera plate has changed. Therefore topplate and bottomplate are not compatible with v0.11. Arms and centerplate is compatible with v0.11

The SOURCE ONE project is a first of its kind collaborative FPV frame project initiated by Team BlackSheep. The frame is donated to the community to empower creators and makers, and integrate best practices and current trends faster into a continuously manufactured product.

The SOURCE ONE is a wide-stance X configuration frame, popular for freestyle or free-range acrobatic flying. It is built to withstand harsh crashes and abuse. It fits and protects all the classic FPV components and is optimized for light weight. The SOURCE ONE is a perfect everyday workhorse for casual FPV flying and competitive freestyle.

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  • Frame Weight: 117.5g
  • Wheelbase: 220mm 5", 300mm 7"
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate: 3mm
  • Stack mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm
  • Camera: full size or micro (with 3D print cradle, coming soon)

The Source One Bundle is a great kit at a great price. Perfect for beginners to start out with or experienced pilots to do some gnarly stuff without hurting wallets. All you need to do is add your own receiver.

1x TBS Source One Frame (Top, Bottom. Brace and 2x Camera plate, 4x Arms)
1x Screw & Standoff set

Bundle Kit Includes
1 x Source One Frame Set
1 x Foxeer HS1177 Fpv Camera
1 x TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV - RACE (SMA)
1 x Foxeer F722 Dual Flight Controller
1 x Foxeer PDB
4 x Spedix IS30 30Amp BLHeli_S ESC
4 x TBS MasterPilot 2750kv
1 x Foxeer Lollipop 5.8Ghz Antenna
1 x Set of 4 HQ Prop Durables 5x4.5x3V3 Propellers

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