iFlight Xing 2 4120 515KV Wing Motor

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The high-quality Xing 2 4120 515KV Wing Motor is designed specifically  for fixed-wing drone enthusiasts. Tailored to meet the needs of passionate model aviation hobbyists, this motor provides reliable and efficient power for their drones.


  • Model: Xing2 4120
  • KV: 515KV 
  • Weight(included wire): 300g
  • Dimension: φ49.5*45mm
  • Interphase Resistance: 14.36Ω
  • Input Volts: 24V
  • Peak Current: 127.76A
  • Max Watt: 2950W
  • Mounting Holes: 30*30mm φ4mm
  • Rotor Specifications: Segmented Bell
  • Shaft Diameter: 6mm
  • Shaft Protruding Length: 23.5mm
  • Lead: 90mm/4.0 Gold Plug
  • Magnet: 45SH
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Bearing Type: NSK/NMB
  • Bearing Specification: φ12xφ6*4 2PC/φ15xφ6*5 1PC
  • Winding: Multi-strand copper winding
iFlight Xing 2 4120 515KV Wing Motor

1x iFlight Xing 2 4120 515KV Wing Motor
1x Prop Adapter
1x Prop Washer
1x Locknut
4x M4 Hexagon Socket Screws
4x M*14 Cup Head Hexagon Socket Screws
1x Aluminum Washer
3x Gold-Plated Female Connectors
3x Heat Shrink Tube
1x Cross Style Motor Mount

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