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Built to go toe to toe with 5" Freestyle quads whilst weighing under 250g. The AOS 3.5 EVO has been updated to be compatible with the new DJI O3 Air Unit as well as existing 20x20mm and 25.5x25.5mm electronics. The camera cage and arms have been reinforced to improve durability. As with all AOS frames exceptional vibration and resonance performance is guaranteed, eliminating IMU resonance issues with O3 image stabilization.

The AOS 3.5" was born from an analysis of quadcopter weight against prop size. The result was the identification of disc loading as a key parameter that could be compared between quads of different sizes and was a strong predictor of flight performance for freestyle flying.

By looking at the flight performance of a large number of quads it was possible to identify the ideal disc loading for a freestyle drone and thereby calculate the ideal prop size for an FPV freestyle drone of a given weight.

​When that analysis is performed for 250g the ideal prop size turns out to be very close to 3.5" and several good 3.5" props are available.


  • Designed for up to 3.5 inch props
  • 160mm wheelbase
  • 4 mm Arms
  • One 25.5x25.5 or 20x20 mm stack in the front and one 25.5x25.5 or 20x20 mm stack in the rear OR
  • One 25.5x25.5 or 20x20 mm stack in the center
  • Fits the DJI O3 Air Unit, Caddx Vista, or HDZero Whoop VTX perfectly
  • Fits both 20mm (DJI and O3 camera) and 19mm (Micro sized) cameras


  • Product Name: AOS 3.5 EVO
  • Flight Electronics: BLITZ F7 AIO
  • Video Transmission: DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Frame: 162±2mm wheelbase
  • Motor: XING 1504 3100KV motors
  • Prop: HQ D-T90MMX3 propellers
  • Takeoff Weight incl. 850mAh:Approx. 281±10 g
  • Takeoff Weight incl. 1050mAh: Approx. 320±10g
  • Dimensions (L×W×H):131×95×29 ±2mm

1x AOS RC AOS 3.5 EVO 4S DJI O3 Air Unit HD BNF
2x Battery Pads
2x Props(Pairs)

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