AOS RC AOS 7 EVO V1.2 Frame Kit

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The latest version of this frame is the AOS 7 EVO v1.2. It soft mounts the FPV Camera, supports ND filters with DJI O3, and fits 14-20mm FPV cams (14mm uses a 3D printed mount, STL provided below).

The AOS 7 is optimized to deliver maximum flight performance on 7" props. Aggressive freestyle and long-range cruising; this frame can do it all.

The AOS 7 builds on the scientific approach used to design the AOS 5 and AOS 5.5 extending the benefits of those designs to the 7" class. Until now 7" quads have been primarily used for long-range cruising and have never been able to match the performance of 5" quads for aggressive freestyle flying.

That all changes with the AOS 7. Designed to match and even exceed the vibration performance of premium 5" frames this frame can deliver thrilling freestyle performance and long-range cruising, the best of both worlds. The efficiency of 7" props is perfect for longer freestyle rips 5min+ or long-range cruising for 10 - 20minutes or even longer with Li-Ion 18650 packs.

A combination of finite element simulation and real-world flight testing gives this frame exceptional vibration and resonance performance. This means you can run less filtering and higher PID gains for a smoother and more responsive feel with greatly improved mid-throttle oscillations and cool motors.


  • Approx. 220g with all hardware
  • Designed for 7-inch props
  • 8mm arms
  • 2.5mm Top plate, bottom plate, and sandwich plates
  • Three 30.5x30.5mm or 20x20mm stacks in the front, middle, and rear
  • Recommended motor size:  2806.5, 30mm
  • Standoffs, carbon, and hardware included


  • Product Name: AOS 7 EVO V1.2 Frame Kit
  • Frame wheelbase: 293mm
  • Frame Dimension: L228*W284*H34.5 mm
  • Arm Thickness: 8mm
  • Top Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Upper Plate Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Motor Mounting: 19x19mm
  • VTX Mounting: 20*20/Φ2mm / 25.5*25.5/Φ2mm
  • Weight: 290 grams 

1x AOS RC AOS 7 EVO V1.2 Frame Kit

3D Prints Downloads:

AOS 7 Stack Protector

AOS 7 ELRS Antenna Mount

AOS 7 Arm Bumper

M3 SMA VTX Antenna Mount

AOS M3 GoPro Mount

VTX Antenna Mount M3

AOS EVO Camera Mounts

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