AOS RC AOS UL5 Frame Kit

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From Chris Rosser, an aerothermal engineer, comes a line of frames that were designed through analysis and science to provide the best resonance and vibration performance.

The AOS UL5 is an ultralight 5-inch frame optimized for 2-blade props. Experience the feel of a toothpick combined with the dynamic power of a full-sized 5".

The toothpick class has always been about incredible flight performance in a tiny form factor. The 5" Class has always provided the most dynamic and energetic flying experience. It seems only natural to try to combine the benefits of both in an ultralight 5" frame.

A key limitation with ultralight 5" frame design is resonance performance. Placing the motors on the end of very long spindly arms creates a spring-mass system that is prone to resonance in a number of different modes. The AOS UL5 uses finite element simulation to model these modes and topology optimization to identify the most efficient places to add material to counteract them, maximize stiffness and increase durability.

The result is a frame that weighs only 67g with resonance performance that exceeds frames weighing twice as much. This allows you to run less filtering and higher D gains to unlock spectacular flight performance and unmatched propwash handling.


  • ~67g with steel hardware
  • Designed for 5" biblade props
  • 5 mm Arms
  • 1.5 mm Top Plate, Bottom Plate, and Sandwich Plates
  • One 25.5 or 20 mm mounting up front and one 25.5 or 20 mm mounting in the rear OR
  • One central 30.5, 25.5, 20 mm stack
  • Fits the DJI Caddx Vista perfectly
  • Fits HDZero 1W VTX in central stack position
  • Fits 19 mm and 20 mm cameras
  • Recommended 2004 motors
  • 30A or higher toothpick AIO
  • Caddx Vista + Nebula Pro
  • 4S ~800mAh or 6S ~500mAh w/ XT30
  • Standoffs, carbon and steel frame screws included 

1x AOS RC AOS UL5 Frame Kit

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