Axisflying Argus F7 55A Pro Plug and Play Stack

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The Axisflying Argus F7 55A Pro Plug and Play Stack, features a tough aluminum shell heatsink, dust and water-proof IP54 rating, and rapid heat dissipation. With robust MOSFETs and built-in protection, this stack is ideal for high-power applications.

Plug and Play Argus is Axisflying electronic series that includes 55A 4-In-1 ESC and flight controller.  Argus PRO series adopt full aluminum cover wrapped that can get IP54 to protect PCB.   The FC is F722 which can support X8.

Truly a premium stack for any build.


  • Dustproof and waterproof IP54, with splashproof function, it is forbidden to put it into water or use it underwater!
  • CNC Full aluminum cover wrapped, enlarges the radiating surface, rapid heat dissipation, more stable work
  • High-quality and large-size MOSFETs are selected, with low internal resistance and low heat generation, plus CNC heat dissipation aluminum cover, Even if the throttle is used for a long time, it is not afraid of overheating, which brings more stable power performance.
  • No welding, more peace of mind. With this FC, HD Air unit, analog camera, GPS, and other common peripherals all support direct plug-in
  • Integrated dual BEC, support DJI O3 Air Unit direct connection
  • The FC supports up to 8 motor outputs, easily build your X8 drone
  • Quickly check the working status of the FC by turning on and off the corresponding status indicator light
  • The FC supports INAV now


  • 96Khz 55A and 65A Bl-heli 32bit 3-6S ESC / STM32F722 FC
  • BMI 270 Gyro
  • Blackbox Flash 16MB
  • UART ports: 6
  • BEC :5V @2A and 9V@2A
  • ESC SENSOR Supported
  • HD/Analog Supported
  • LED-BZ Supported
  • GPS Supported
  • X8 PWM Supported
  • Plug and Play Support
  • Size: 48.6*46.6*26 mm
  • Weight: 59g
  • Mounting Holes: M3-30.5*30.5mm

Axisflying Argus F7 Pro Stack

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