Axisflying Manta 3.5 Inch Freestyle Squashed X Analog Drone

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The Axisflying Manta 3.5 Inch quad is a powerful flyer, capable of performing like bigger 5" drones.  Built of quality parts and tuned for performance, it is perfect for anyone looking for a smaller ready-built freestyling beast.


  • MANTA 3.5 is the same design as MANTA 5. It is mainly for the freestyle market.
  • The frame adopts the innovative CNC aluminum structure design with high-strength carbon plate making the overall structure very strong, stable, and safe.
  • The stack mounting is compatible with 20*20MM and 30.5*30.5MM (but only M2), which can cover most stacks (we suggest 20*20 stacks). The VTX mounting is compatible with the movable M2* (20*20MM) that can match with HD VTX Vista/link and analog VTX
  • The frame is compatible with 19-20MM wide FPV cameras, and the aluminum side plates can effectively protect the camera
  • The motor mounting holes are 9*9mm or 12*12mm. AF155,AF204 motors, and max match with 3.5inch freestyle propellers are recommended

Axisflying Manta 3.5 Inch Drone

1x Axisflying Manta 3.5 Inch Freestyle Squashed X Analog Drone

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