Axisflying Manta 3.6 Walksnail Avatar HD FPV Drone

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Take your FPV experience to the next level with the Axisflying Manta 3.6 Walksnail Avatar FPV Drone. This 3.6" drone offers 8-minute flight time and flies like a 5" drone for an exceptionally durable and fast ride. Enjoy superior speed and control every time you take to the skies.

Axisflying focuses on user experience and carefully studies user sore points. In the field of freestyle, we continuously absorb user feedback and summarise product design experience. Axisflying combines CNC aluminum parts with high-quality carbon plates to bring the MANTA series of freestyle frames with a unique and innovative design in the industry.


  • MANTA 3.6 frame is specially designed for 3.6-inch Freestyle and Cinematic, launched in Squashed X.
  • Squashed X design for a flexible flight experience, props are not visible from the FPV camera, more suitable for freestyle with high maneuverability.
  • The frame adopts the innovative CNC aluminum structure design with high-strength carbon plates making the overall structure very strong, stable, and safe.
  • Manta3.6 is equipped with a dedicated Flystack - an Argus mini FC and ESC independently developed and produced by Axisflying, using BZ121 compass and MPU6000 gyroscope.
  • The propellers of Manta3.6 are also customized, and available in green and gray.
  • It is also compatible with VTX and cameras such as DJI O3, Analog, Link, Walksnail, etc. Free to change and match.
  • High performance is the core advantage of Manta3.6. It only takes 0.3 seconds to accelerate from 0-100kph under no-load condition, and the flight time is more than 8 minutes. In the state of mounting GoPro10, the top speed can still reach 180kph.
  • Nylon-sintered side plates are installed on both sides of the FPV to protect the core electronic devices while ensuring that heat dissipation is not affected.
  • The power cable can protrude from the front and rear of the FPV, which is convenient for the pilots to adjust the center of gravity of the drone by themselves.
  • Supportting dual antennas.


  • Name: Manta 3.6" Lite
  • Arm thickness: 4mm
  • Structure: Squashed X
  • VTX and Camera: Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit
  • GPS: NOT Included
  • Flight Controller and ESC: Argus Mini 35A + F7 Stack
  • Motor: Axisflying C224-2750KV
  • Propellers: Gemfan 3630
  • Receiver:  ExpressLRS 2.4GHz
  • Wheelbase: 162mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Prop size: Max 3.6 inch
  • Carbon material: T700
  • Bottom-to-top distance: 20mm
  • Recommended Battery: 1200mAh 6S

Axisflying Manta 3.6 FPV Drone
Axisflying Manta 3.6 FPV Flying Drone

1x Axisflying Manta 3.6 Walksnail Avatar HD FPV Drone


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