BetaFPV SuperD ExpressLRS 2.4GHz TCXO Diversity Receiver

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BETAFPV SuperD ELRS 2.4G is a True Diversity Receiver that applies two antennas, dual receiver chains, and TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) tech, achieving super accurate frequency rate and excellent performance in extreme temperature environments. It greatly fulfills the requirements of reliability for long-range flying, aerial photography, or FPV freestyle.

Also available in 915/868MHz

BetaFPV SuperD ELRS 2.4G Diversity Receiver

SuperD ELRS 2.4G Diversity Receiver is built-in a TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator), which is shared by two RF chips for a super accurate clock source. The true diversity receiver including two RF chips and PA+LNA will generate a large amount of heat when working. With the high-quality TCXO, it can withstand extreme temperatures with no fear of heat and cold, continuously outputting accurate frequency for long-range flight.

BetaFPV SuperD ELRS Diversity RX

BetaFPV SuperD ELRS 2.4G Diversity Receiver


  • A true diversity receiver with two complete RF receiver chains (referring to PA+LNA+SX1280), based on the latest official ExprssLRS. It comes with ExpressLRS V3.0.0 firmware.
  • Ultralight weight only 1.1g without the antenna. The receiver board features a reasonable layout and is impeccably clean. Very easy to solder.
  • Two Dipole T antennas will create an omnidirectional signal for good signal transmission. Placing the antenna separately and vertically as far apart as possible to get a better signal is recommended.
  • Not only it is used for FPV drones but also for FPV fixed-wing, or other FPV aircraft. It has superb performance in long-range flying.


  • Item: BETAFPV SuperD ELRS 2.4G Diversity Receiver
  • MCU: ESP32 PICO D4, dual SX1280 (SX1281)
  • Antenna Connector: IPEX MHF 1/U.FL
  • RF Frequency: 2.4GHz (2400~2480MHz)
  • Telemetry Power: 20dBm (100mW)
  • Receiver Protocol: CRSF
  • Input Voltage: +5V DC @ “+” pad
  • PCB Size: 22mm*14mm
  • Weight: 1.1g excluding antenna



1x BetaFPV SuperD ExpressLRS 2.4GHz TCXO Diversity Receiver
2x BetaFPV Dipole Antennas
1x Pin Header
1x 30AWG Silicon Wires
1x User Manual

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