Caddx Polar Antenna 5.8GHz LHCP U.FL

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Replacement antenna compatible with the Caddx Vista Air Unit.  These are newly designed antennas that come with the Caddx Polar Vista Kits.  A bit longer than the original, with a nice bendy wire terminating in a U.FL connector and a stiff plastic tube terminating in the active element of the antenna.  Makes mounting much easier.

Caddx Polar Antenna


  • Frequency:  5.8GHz
  • Polarization:  LHCP
  • Weight:  55g
  • Length:  105mm
  • Connector:  U.FL

Caddx Polar AntennaIncludes:
1x Caddx Polar Antenna 5.8GHz LHCP U.FL

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