Happymodel Moblite 7 Walksnail Avatar 1S 75mm HD Brushless Whoop

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The Happymodel Moblite 7 Walksnail Avatar Whoop is a 75mm HD brushless whoop weighing just 33.5 grams. It features the Walksnail Avatar 1S Mini VTX and Nano Camera and built-in SPI ELRS 2.4GHz.  With powerful EX1002 KV20000 motors, and Superbee F4 Lite flight controller, this should be a great performing high-definition whoop you can fly just about anywhere.


  • Frame Wheelbase:  75mm
  • Weight:  33.5 gram without battery
  • Size:  98mm * 98mm * 48mm
  • Receiver Options:  SPI ELRS 2.4GHz
  • Recommended Battery:  Compatible with 1S LiPo
  • Battery Plug:  PH2.0
  • VTX:  Walksnail Avatar Mini 1S VTX
  • Camera:  Walksnail Avatar Nano HD Camera
  • Motor:  EX1002 KV20000 Motors
  • ESC:  Onboard 4-In-1 ESC
  • Flight Controller:  Superbee F4 Lite ELRS

1x Happymodel Moblite 7 Walksnail Avatar 1S 75mm HD Brushless Whoop
1x Spare Canopy
1x Propeller Disassembly Tool
1x Screw Driver
1x Gemfan 1610-2 Bi-Blades Propellers (4CW, 4CCW)

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