Defiance RC 4S 1400mAh 80C Graphene 2.0 LiPo Battery

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Introducing version 2.0 of our Graphene tech Power Packs.  These LiPos include the latest in lithium polymer chemistry advancement.  Truly top of the line battery packs, they offer lower internal resistance, higher energy density, and more punch during load stress.  Perfect for racers looking for that edge.

Advantages over other LiPos:

  • Matched cells - Consistent cell voltage after many cycles
  • Long life - 1000+ cycles
  • Lower temperature - Less heat during and after discharge
  • Less voltage sag - Voltage stays high during use, giving more "punch"
  • Long term performance - Very low power/capacity loss after many cycles


  • Capacity:  1400mAh
  • Discharge:  80C constant / 160C burst
  • Voltage:  14.8V ( 4 Cell )
  • Max Charge Rate:  5C
  • Weight:  175g
  • Dimensions:  34x34x76mm
  • Discharge Plug:  XT-60
  • Balance Plug:  JST-XH

1x Defiance RC Graphene 2.0 Power Pack 4S 1400mAh 80C

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