Defiance RC Lithium Ion 2s 3,400mAh 7.4V Fatshark Battery Pack

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Use this Lithium-Ion battery pack to power your FPV goggles much longer than the standard 1800mAh Fatshark lipo battery pack. This battery can last over 3 hours of use compared to just 1 hour with stock battery.  


The manufacturer use equipment to ensure that all the cells are of the same internal resistance and capacity prior to assembly. They do not mix cells from the different batches to ensure constant performance.

These packs are commercially made using high end computer controlled spot welding machines.  Each precision spot weld results in minimum heat applied to each battery cell. This  guarantees that each cell will never be exposed to heat damage during production.


  • Max voltage per cell : 4.2v
  • Min voltage per cell: 2.5v
  • Long term storage voltage:  3.8v/cell
  • Max Continuous Discharge:  1C  (3.4 amps)
  • Discharge wires:  16 AWG (60mm)
  • Balance plug: XH-JST (50mm)
  • Dimensions:  width: 37.5mm x depth: 18mm x height: 70mm
  • Weight:  100g
Charge this pack with a normal Lipo charger, on lipo setting @ 0.5C  (1.7 Amps).

1x Defiance RC Lithium Ion 2s 3,400mAh 7.4V Fatshark Battery Pack

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