Diatone Mamba MK4 F722 Mini Wing Flight Controller

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The Mamba MK4 F722 Wing Flight Controller was designed to be the heart and brain of any fixed-wing build.  Features Diatone's MK4 (4th generation) technology, this controller builds on the experience of previous generations, to create a dedicated flight controller for builders/pilots of fixed-wing models.


  • MCU: 216MHz STM32F722
  • GYRO: ICM-42688-P
  • INAV Target:MAMBA F722_WING
  • OSD: Yes
  • Blackbox: 16M Flash Memory
  • Barometer: SPL06
  • UARTs: 8 Sets
  • I2C: Yes
  • Buzzer Pad: Yes
  • CURR Pad: Yes
  • ESC Signal: 8 Sets
  • ESC Soft: Dshot300/600
  • Power Led: Yes
  • LED Controller:  iNav LED
  • Air Unit Port:  Yes
  • VTX Switch:  Yes
  • Receiver Protection:  Yes
  • TVS Protection:  Yes
  • Continuous Current:  40A
  • Peak Current:  50A
  • iNav Current Meter Scale:  225
  • BEC:  3.3V 0.5A and 5V 3A and 9V 2A
  • Input:  3~6S LiPo (12.6~25.2V)
  • Mounting Size:  20mm, M2

Diatone Mamba MK4 F722 Wing Flight ControllerIncludes:
1x Diatone Mamba MK4 F722 Mini Wing Flight Controller
1x Air Unit 6P sh1.0 Cable
1x Type-C USB to 4P sh1.0 Cable
40x 2.54 Pins (unsoldered)

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