Diatone Roma L3 3" Frame Kit

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The Roma L3 frame kit is an ultra-light micro-frame from Diatone designed for 20x20 or 26x26 electronics.  The design allows builders to craft an under 250g drone that can fly and film without props in view.  Another fantastic option from Diatone.


  • Wheelbase:147mm
  • Weight :43g
  • Prop Size:3inch
  • FC Mounting: 20×20/26.5×26.5mm(M2)
  • Motor Mounting:  9mm/12mm
  • Camera Spacing:  20mm
  • Top Plate:  1.5mm
  • Medium Plate:  1.5mm
  • Bottom Plate:  1.5mm
  • Arm:3mm
  • Rated Voltage(Recommendation):3S~4S
  • Aluminum Alloy:  7075
  • Carbon Fiber:  T300 3K

Diatone Roma L3 Frame Kit

Diatone Roma L3 Frame Kit

1x Diatone Roma L3 3" Frame Kit

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