Diatone Roma L5 5" Long-Range Frame Kit

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The Diatone Roma L5 is a 5" frame designed for long-range. Diatone has flown this frame up to 30 minutes in the air using their power system. Amazing for long-range, filming, or sightseeing, this is a versatile frame for those looking to build their own Roma L5.


  • Wheelbase:  214mm
  • Weight:  67g
  • Prop Size:  5inch
  • FC Mounting:  20×20/25.5×25.5mm(M2)
  • Motor Mounting:  12mm(M2)/16mm(M3)
  • Camera Spacing:  20mm
  • Top Plate:  2mm
  • Medium Plate:  2mm
  • Bottom Plate:  2mm
  • Arm:  4mm
  • Rated Voltage (Recommendation):4S~6S
  • Aluminum Alloy:  7075
  • Carbon Fiber:  T300 3K

1x Diatone Roma L5 5" Long-Range Frame Kit

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