Ethix FPV Camera CCD 2.5mm Lens

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Introducing the perfect storm analog camera for all of your fpv needs. This camera setup incorporates an extremely low latency CCD sensor paired with a GoPro style 2.5mm lens (Mr. Steele’s preferred combo) 

The lightweight “micro” 19mm sized case is easily adaptable to the widely used “mini” 22mm size such as the one used on the ImpulseRC Apex. This adaption is done using an ingenious yet simple silicone adhesive wrap that not only adds the extra millimeters you need for the 22mm case frames but also grips the sides of the carbon when tightened down, allowing for a snug fit. Thus negating the chance of a camera angle change during a crash. 

Stick with CCD camera sensors for their quick response time and image reliability.

1x Ethix FPV Camera
1x Silicone Adhesive Extension Wrap
1x Screw Set with Allen Key
2x Silicon Cable

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