Ethix Konasty 2407 1739KV Moon Boot Motors

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When looking for a motor that has the right balance of efficiency, power and runs smooth things can get difficult. Well, welcome the ETHiX moon boot!

This motor was designed with all those elements combined after months of R&D. Featuring a 6s capable 2407 stator size and 1739kV windings to give you power on demand when needed and N42SH magnets that are not only incredibly smooth but also withstand higher heat tolerances. These features with the addition of a steel shaft and screw will not only take you to the next mountain peak they’ll take you to the moon!

With the increased popularity of the incredibly smooth and efficient 2200kv Moon Boot motors, there was only one more step to do. Ethix introduces the 1739kv Moon Boot allowing you to get increased flight times and power on 6s while still offering all the reliability and quality from ETHiX. Just another reason for you to go rip!


The larger stator size provides additional torque and power for larger 6" and 7" builds.  This allows you to fly your upsized multi-rotors with the same confidence of a smaller acrobatic 5".


  • kV:  1739
  • Stator Size:  2407
  • Weight:  37grams
  • Color:  Black
  • Magnets:  N42SH 
1x Ethix Konasty 2407 2200kV Moon Boot Motor
1x Prop Nut
4x Motor Screws

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