Fatshark Dominator HD3 CORE

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FATSHARK's HD3 Core kit is a simple, cost-effective approach to the best FPV headset on the field. Shipping with only the core accessories, the HD3 Core still delivers the most powerful, versatile and portable FPV goggle experience -- all at an improved price point.

To streamline the system, the Core comes with a 18650 battery case (cells not included) instead of a traditional LiPo battery. AV and HDMI cables are also not included in this kit.

HD3 ships with new lower profile Velcro backed (removable) faceplate foam for a more accommodating fit. The FOV on the HD3 has been dialed back to 42 degrees to maintain a large screen experience while delivering crisp optical performance for OSD readability.

Perfect for anyone looking for the best pair of goggles on the market.  With a competitive price, there is no reason not to buy one of these.  The only difference between the Core and the regular HD3 is the missing HDMI adaptors, av cable, and batteries.  You get the same goggles, with the new upgraded faceplate, the same zipper case, and the new battery case, minus the actual cells that go inside of them.


  • FOV 42° Diagonal (38° HDMI)
  •  59-69mm IPD Range (adjustable)
  • SVGA 800 X 600 Display
  • Support Side/Side 3D
  • NTSC/PAL Auto Selecting
  • High definition media interface 720p Support
  • Modular Head Tracker Bay
  • Modular Receiver Bay
  • DCin: 7-13V (2S/3S)
  • Power Consumption: 4W
  • Integrated Analog DVR (does not support HD recording) 

1x Dominator HD3 Headset with fan-equipped faceplate
1x Zipper Case
1x 18650 cell Battery Case

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