Fatshark Shark Byte TX5R.1 Digital HD Video Transmitter

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The Shark Byte TX5R.1 is a digital HD 720p 60fps video transmitter capable of delivering up to 200mw on 5.8GHz. The TX5R.1 works with the Shark Byte RX5.1 goggle module to transmit video, and with a remote controller to wirelessly control the parameters for the transmitter and camera. 

The power input range is 7V – 26V (2S – 6S). Though the TX5R.1 has integrated surge protection circuit, a large capacitor (220+uF) parallel with battery leads is recommended to smooth the power supply of the whole quad.


  • Mounting:  20x20 M3
  • Antenna Connector:  u.FL
  • Output Power:  200mW
  • Input Voltage:  7-26V (2-6S)
  • Smart Audio Compatible:  YES

1x Fatshark Shark Byte 5R.1 Digital HD Video Transmitter

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