Flyfish RC Tony 5 Sub 250 FPV Freestyle Frame

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In this modern era, where our hobby meets with aircraft weight restrictions, flying drones larger than 3” has become increasingly challenging. However, we all love a rip on a good old 5” drone, don't we? That's why we believed it was the perfect time to create an exceptionally lightweight 5-inch frame with the potential to craft a sub-250g 5” drone. And that's how Tony came to life.

Flyfish RC Tony 5 Sub 250 FPV Freestyle Frame

Our objectives were clear: create a lightweight frame with excellent flight characteristics and durability. While these aims are relatively straightforward with a standard 5-inch frame, working with a sub-250g 5” frame is an entirely different animal. We won't pretend that this frame was developed without any compromises, but we've given our all to make it a frame you'll eagerly take out to fly day after day!

Tony is a straightforward and easy-to-build platform, fully O3-ready, equipped with our signature CNC aluminum camera plates to ensure your valuable camera remains maximally protected during all types of crashes. It's also compatible with analog cameras, VTX, as well as the HDZERO and Walksnail HD systems (Please verify dimensions for compatibility with all VTXs).

We highly recommend using AIO flight controllers to keep the weight as light as possible, although a 20x20 mini stack will also work well.

For instance, to achieve a sub-250g configuration in our test builds, we utilized a 40A AIO FC, CADDX Vista Nebula Pro, 2004 FlyFishRC Flash motors, TBS Crossfire Nano, bi-blade HQ props, GNB HV 380mAh 6S battery, and one battery strap, resulting in an all-up weight of 248.7g.

However, if your intention is to use this frame with the DJI O3 system, the all-up weight of such a setup will increase to around 260g, as the O3 is notably heavier than the Vista. In this case, if staying under 250g is crucial, you might contemplate using a 4S version of the same battery or stripping down the O3 to shave off some of the excess weight.

Overall, Tony is an exciting frame that offers an incredibly enjoyable flying experience. It provides a distinct feeling of being nimble yet not overly floaty due to its lightness. Get your own Tony today and share your feedback online; we'd love to hear about your experience!


  • Only 57g (w/TPU)
  • Sub250g capable
  • High structural strength
  • High-end T700 carbon fiber
  • CNC aluminum camera plates
  • Silicone shock absorbers for O3 AU
  • Compatible with both 19/20mm cameras
  • Compatible with most VTX
  • Compact body, well suited for freestyle
  • Equipped with all accessories needed for analog and HD builds
  • 12.9-grade strength hardware with Loctite thread locker pre-applied


  • Model: Tony 5
  • Geometry: True-X
  • Wheelbase: 215mm
  • Arm thickness: 4mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Middle plate thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
  • Propeller size: 5inch
  • CNC plate thickness: 4mm
  • FPV cam spacing: 19mm/20mm
  • Weight: 57g(with TPU parts)
  • Total Dimensions: 133.7mm*168*29mm
  • Motor mounting hole: 12mm*12mm(M2)
  • Stack mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5.5mm(M3)
  • VTX mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5mm(M2)
Flyfish RC Tony 5 Sub 250 FPV Freestyle Frame

1x Flyfish RC Tony 5 Sub 250 FPV Freestyle Frame

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