Flywoo Flylens 75 2S HDZero Brushless Whoop FPV Drone

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Flylens75, one of the smallest HDZero drones on the market, was designed by the FLYWOO team. This compact and portable drone features a durable body combining carbon fiber and PC materials. Equipped with a 405 BGA flight controller, 1003 power motor, and 1609 four-blade propellers, the Flylens75 is suitable for both stable indoor filming and dynamic outdoor flights.

The drone also comes with a HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle (Nano V3 Camera) that is exactly what you need to transform your 1S Whoop for the digital FPV world. The HDZero Nano Lite Camera is designed for feather-lite drones where every gram counts. At a weight as low as 1.5g, combined with the new Whoop Lite VTX at 4.5g with 0.4g dipole antenna enables a world-first production digital FPV solution of about 7g. Until now, 1S tiny whoops were the last type of FPV drone that couldn't be converted to digital video due to voltage and weight limits. HDZero Whoop Lite is here to meet these needs!

Meticulously tuned by the FLYWOO team, Flylens75 delivers a delicate flying experience and outstanding flight performance. It's the ideal choice for those seeking the smallest and lightest HDZero drone.


  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The newly designed Flylens75 features a compact and lightweight body, making it easy to carry and operate.
  • Shock Absorption Platform Design: Equipped with a unique CNC camera shock absorption platform, it effectively reduces camera vibration, eliminates jelly effects, and provides stable shooting footage.
  • Quick-release Structure: Designed with a quick-release structure, it facilitates user maintenance and component replacement, enhancing usability.
  • Reverse Thrust Power System: Utilizing a reverse thrust power system, it enhances the stability and flight time of the aircraft, allowing you to enjoy longer flight experiences.
  • Quick-release Battery Compartment: Equipped with a quick-release battery compartment, it accommodates various battery models, allowing users to easily replace batteries as needed.
  • Durable Materials: The body is constructed with a combination of carbon fiber and PC materials, delivering durability to withstand certain impacts and falls.


  • Model:  Flylens 75 HD HDZero 2S Brushless Whoop FPV Drone
  • Frame:  Flylens 75 HDZero Frame Kit
  • Electronics:  GOKU Versatile F405 1-2S 12A AIO (MPU6000/ICM42688)
  • Transmission:  HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle
  • Camera:  HDZero Nano V3 Camera
  • Propeller:  1609-4 Blade 40mm 1.5mm Shaft
  • Motor:  ROBO 1003 14800KV
  • Antenna:  Flywoo 5.8GHz Light 3dBi Brass Antenna UFL
  • Receiver:  ExpressLRS 2.4GHz

Compact Design for Stable High-Definition Imaging

Flylens 75 features a compact and robust design that ensures structural stability while achieving a minimal footprint. With just five screws, the entire frame can be easily and quickly assembled, providing convenience and efficiency. The newly designed Y-shaped structure enhances the overall shock resistance of the aircraft, ensuring stable and smooth high-definition imaging.

(The image displays the product for the O3 version, the HDZero version has the same structure)

(The image displays the product for the O3 version, the HDZero version has the same structure)

Unique Three-Point Shock Absorption Structure for Stable High-Quality Video Recording

Flylens 75 features a unique three-point shock absorption structure design, similar to Flylens 85, ensuring stable high-quality video recording in various environments. Even during daytime flights in bright sunlight, you can capture clear and steady footage, enhancing your flying experience. This three-point shock absorption structure design effectively eliminates high-frequency vibrations and jelly-like effects, providing excellent anti-shock performance to ensure your video footage remains stable at all times.

(The image displays the product for the O3 version, the HDZero version has the same structure)

Reverse Thrust Power Design, Downward Placement of VTX Module Compartment

The reverse thrust power design brings more stable flight performance and more flexible maneuverability, while also improving endurance. The downward placement of the VT module compartment uses high-strength PC material to provide protection and enhance heat dissipation and cooling effects.

(The image displays the product for the O3 version, the HDZero version has the same structure)

High Performance F405 BGA Flight Controller

The GOKU F405 12A AIO is a highly integrated flight controller with advanced features. It features an F405 BGA chip for enhanced processing power and a 12A 4-in-1 ESC for smooth operation. With 5 UART ports, I2C compass input, and a built-in 2.4G receiver, it offers easy connectivity and upgrades. The lightweight design and 8MB black box storage make it suitable for various applications.

ROBO 1003 and 4 Blade Prop power System

Unleash the full potential of your drone with the ROBO 1003 | 14800KV motor. Experience unparalleled power and speed for exhilarating flights that will leave you breathless. Designed specifically for 1609-4 props, this power system delivers exceptional agility and maneuverability, even in tight spaces. It supports 2S 550mAh~1000mAh batteries, providing the perfect balance between flight time and performance. With up to 6 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, you can capture stunning aerial footage that will take your breath away.

Quick-release Battery Compartment

The Flylens75 features a quick-release battery compartment, allowing users to choose from various battery capacities and enabling swift battery replacement.

Enhanced Compatibility, Compatible with Multiple FPV Modules

Compatible with DJI O3, RunCam Link, CAddx Vista, Walksnail Nano, and other high-definition FPV modules, our compact drone provides an immersive HD flying experience and delivers high-quality aerial photography and cinematic footage.


1x Flywoo Flylens 75 2S HDZero Brushless Whoop FPV Drone ELRS 2.4GHz

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