Foxeer 5.8ghz Circular Polarized Antennas

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Foxeer 5.8ghz Circular Polarized Antennas
FOXEER 5.8G Circular-polarized omni antenna, can be used both at VTx antenna and VRx antenna.

SWR: <1.5, Tuned for 5600~5950Mhz
Polarization: LHCP / RHCP

Frequency range: 5600-5950 MHz
Gain : 3DBi
SWR: <1.5
3dB horizontal lobe width: 360°
3dB verticle lobe width: 120°
Polarization: omni
Max power: 50W
Resistance: 50Ω
Lightning protection: DC Grounded
Polarization: LHCP / RHCP
Connector: RP-SMA / SMA
Regular Version: 105×35mm (feeder line 75mm)
Mini Version: 62×35mm (feeder line 45mm)
Weight: 12g
Material: Cu


1x 5.8ghz Circular Polarized Antenna

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