Foxeer Caesar 5" Racing Frame

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The Foxeere Caesar 5" racing frame features a modern design, durable Toray T700 carbon with a silky smooth coating and 7075 aluminum hardware.  As with all Foxeer products, you can expect quality and great performance.


  • Material:  Toray T700 Carbon with Silky Coating
  • Wheelbase:  200mm
  • Mounting Hole:  20x20mm
  • Camera Size:  14*14mm Nano Size
  • Weight:  68g (exclude TPU Kit)
  • Arm:  5mm
  • Top Plate:  2mm
  • Center Plate:  2.5mm
  • Bottom Plate:  2.5mm

Foxeer Caesar 5" Frame
Foxeer Caesar 5" Frame

1x Foxeer Caesar 5" Racing Frame Kit
2x Foxeer Battery Straps
1x TPU Kit
1x Hardware Pack
1x Battery Anti-Slip Pad

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