Foxeer F722 V4 Flight Controller X8 DJI Type-C

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The Foxeer F722 V4 Flight Controller features the powerful STM32F722RET6 MCU and ICM-42688-P gyro for great performance.  With support for 8 motors, 6 UARTs, and great filtering for clean power and video, this is sure to satisfy any builder or pilot's desire for a modern flight controller.


  • Model:  F722 V4
  • MCU:  STM32F722RET6
  • BEC Output:  DC5V/3A; DC9V/3A
  • OSD:  BF OSD
  • Black Box:  16M Flash Memory
  • UART:  6 Sets
  • ESC Telemetry:  RX4
  • Buzzer:  YES
  • Smart Audio:  YES
  • LED:  1 Set 2812 LED
  • USB:  Type-C
  • X8 Support:  In CLI
  • Firmware:  FOXEERF722V4
  • Dimensions:  37x37mm
  • Mounting Hole:  30.5x30.5mm, 4mm
  • Weight:  8g

Foxeer F722 V4 Flight ControllerIncludes:
1x Foxeer F722 V4 Flight Controller X8 DJI Type-C
4x Anti-Vibration Gummy

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