Foxeer H743 Mini MPU6000 8S Flight Controller

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Experience the highest quality of flight performance with the Foxeer H743 Mini MPU6000 8S Flight Controller! This cutting-edge controller is designed to provide a stable connection to maximize control in your drone, with a low-noise and high-precision MPU6000 sensor to guarantee its reliability and accuracy. Take your drone's performance to the next level with this premium flight controller.


  • CPU:  STM32H743
  • Gyro:  MPU6000
  • Barometer:  DPS310
  • Power Supply:  4~8S LiPo
  • BEC Output:  DC5v/2A; DC10V/2A
  • OSD:  BF OSD
  • Black Box:  16M Flash Memory
  • UART:  6 Sets+Rx8
  • ESC Telemetry:  RX8
  • Buzzer:  Yes
  • Smart Audio:  Yes
  • LED:  1 Set 2812 LED
  • USB:  Type-C
  • Servo:  S1,S2
  • Firmware:  Betaflight:  FOXEERH743
  • Size:  30*31mm
  • Mounting Hole:  20x20, Φ4mm
  • Weight:  5.6g

Foxeer H743 Mini MPU6000 Flight Controller

1x Foxeer H743 Mini MPU6000 8S Flight Controller
4x Anti-Vibration Grommets
1x Wire Set

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