Foxeer Reaper AIO V2 F745 45A BLS Bluejay 2-6S Flight Controller

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** Discontinued - New Version Here **

The Foxeer Reaper AIO V2 is an F745 Flight Controller with a 45A BLHeli_S 4-In-1 ESC on a single board.  This AIO board supports 2-6S, has a powerful STM32F745 MCU, BMI-270 gyro, 5 available UARTs, and even 16M built-in BlackBox. Perfect for those looking to simplify with fewer separate components or to save space and weight. Foxeer's Reaper line of electronics has become some of the highest quality components available.


  • Dimensions:  32.5x32.5mm
  • Mounting Hole:  25.5x25.5mm, Φ3mm/M2
  • Weight:  8.6g
  • Working Temperature:  -20℃ ~ +55℃
  • Working Humidity:  20~95%
  • Storage Temperature:  -20℃ ~ +70℃
  • CPU:  STM32F745
  • Power Supply:  2~6S LiPo (8.4V~25.2V)
  • BEC Output:  DC5V/2.5A
  • OSD:  BF OSD
  • Black Box:  16M Flash Memory
  • UARTs:  5 Sets
  • USB:  Micro USB
  • Firmware:  FOXE-FOXEERF745V2_AIO
  • DJI/Vista Connector:  Supported, 7pin


  • Firmware:  Bluejay:  G-H-30-96-V0.16 / BLS:  G-H-30 16.7
  • Continuous / Burst Current:  45A x 4 / 50A x 4
  • Input Voltage:  2~6S LiPo (8.4~25.2V)
  • Telemetry:  No
  • ESC Programming:  Bluejay (default) / BLHeli_S 
  • Stick Programming:  Supported
  • Current Sensor:  Supported
  • Current Scale:  100
  • Input signal:  DShot 300/600

Foxeer Reaper AIO V2
1x Foxeer Reaper AIO V2 F745 45A BLS Bluejay 2-6S Flight Controller
4x Rubber Grommets
1x XT30 Cable
1x Vista Cable
1x Capacitor

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