Furious FPV Dock King

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Simplify your FPV and increase your video resolution with the Furious FPV DOCK-KING, allowing ultra directional placement for the very best in signal strength clarity.

With your receiver mounted in traditional fashion, it is all too natural to have your head tilted downward, thus compromising your antenna direction and overall video reception. Further this with head movement that can compromise your video clarity and increase video breakup, the DOCK-KING ground station ends all of this with a powerful & compact layout that optimizes maximum FPV clarity.

The DOCK-KING allows your TRUE-D V3 unit to be mounted and pointed in the perfect direction for optimal signal clarity, capitalizing on the very best video quality as you push your FPV to the max. Further this with integrated functionality like a built-in OSD with dual antenna RSSI signal bars, you can now monitor both antenna signals to help you optimize the perfect direction and antenna type for the ultimate FPV setup.

Alongside the integrated OSD, the DOCK-KING features a warning buzzer, dual AV output ports and an external output for HDMI & DVR functionality. Ultra-flexible with feature-packed performance, the DOCK-KING incorporates the ability to be fully configured via smartphone, offering ultra easy Bluetooth connectivity for on the fly updates & changes.

Ditch video drop outs & signal fluctuations that take place with movement of your head with the Furious FPV DOCK-KING. Compatible with any FPV goggles that utilize the TRUE-D V3 system, the DOCK-KING is also compatible with the FatShark Attitude V3, Transformer or HD goggle set.

Simplified, feature-packed and designed to boost your FPV to the max, enter the Furious FPV DOCK-KING for the ultimate FPV experience.

*** HDMI and DVR modules are not included and sold separately as optional products.
* Manual DOCK-KING Ground Station: Click here
* Firmware True-D 3.7D to use with DOCK-KING Ground Station: For Window, for Mac

Furious FPV Dock-KingFurious FPV Dock-King



  • Wide Input Voltage Range from 2S 7.4V - 4S 16.8V
  • Improved RSSI Algorithm
  • Improved DVR Image Quality
  • Compact & Easy to Use
  • Personal Race Timing System
  • Built-In Tripod Mount
  • Built-In Warning Buzzer
  • Dual AV Output Ports
  • External Outputs for HDMI & DVR (sold separately)
  • Integrated OSD with Real Time RSSI Signal Strength
  • Ultra Simplified Setup via Bluetooth Smartphone Compatibility
  • Requires TRUE-D Hardware V3.0 or Higher, Firmware 3.7D or Higher

1x FuriousFPV Dock-King Ground Station
1x True-D V3.5 Cover (FPV-0253-S)
1x Cables
  + AV Cable (Jack 3.5mm 4 poles)
  + XT60 to DC cable
1x Battery Strap
1x Portable User Manual

Magnetic Quick Release Plate
Smart Power Battery Case
High-Performance DVR

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