Furious FPV True-D 2.4 GHz Diversity Receiver System

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The ultimate goggle diversity module from Furious FPV has been released.  This 2.4GHz diversity receiver system allows greater range and video performance when compared to traditional 5.8GHz systems.

With a 2.4GHz frequency band, you now have extreme levels of the range that are far beyond 5.8GHz offerings, with a more robust signal strength that features far less video noise due to greater levels of signal penetration. This equates to crisp & clean video feedback, allowing maximum range FPV for the best long range FPV experience, bar none. 

Incorporating 16 available channels, a built-in energy saving mode, thermal sensory protection, true diversity with dual antenna options and a high definition OLED display, the 2.4GHz TRUE-D unit is the ultimate FPV experience you don't want to pass up with massive range awaiting your next FPV flight.

Furious FPV True-D 2.4GHz Diversity ModuleIncludes:
1x Furious FPV True-D 2.4GHz Diversity Module
1x 90 Degree SMA Adapter
1x 45 Degree SMA Adapter

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