HDZero Happymodel Mobula7 HD Shark Byte/HDZero BNF w/ELRS

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In a cooperative effort, HDZero and Happymodel proudly announce the Mobula7 HDZero BNF. Mobula7 HDZero is a 75mm whoop created in collaboration between Divimath and HappyModel. It is equipped with the HDZero Whoop VTX, HDZero Nano camera, and ELRS X2 Flight controller with built-in SPI ELRS 2.0 receiver. Yes, it is the first whoop BNF for HDZero and ELRS - a big achievement! 


  • Brand Name:  HDZero and Happymodel Co-branded
  • Model:  Mobula 7 HDZero
  • Frame Wheelbase:  75mm
  • Weight:  41 gram without battery
  • Size:  98mm * 98mm * 50mm
  • Radio Link:  ExpressLRS 2.4GHz TX module 2.0 ELRS firmware
  • Compatible with 2S - 3S LiPo or LiHV battery
  • Recommended Battery: 
    • 2S 300/350/450/550/650 mAh
    • 3S 300/350/450 mAh
  • Battery Plug:  XT30
  • Battery Holder Tray:  16mm * 13.5mm
  • AIO Flight Controller firmware target:  Betaflight CRAZYBEEF4SX1280

HDZero Mobula7

1x HDZero Happymodel Mobula7 HD Shark Byte/HDZero BNF w/ELRS

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