HeeWing T-1 Ranger PNP-VTOL Conversion Kit

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Traditionally, one of the major disadvantages of a fixed-wing model is the need for a runway or launcher for take-off.  Another problem is the constant wear and tear and shorter lifespan of the aircraft due to rough landings.  With VTOL ( vertical take-off and landing ) a model can take off, land, and hover in a tiny fraction of the space.

The HeeWing VTOL conversion kit can turn any T-1 Ranger PNP into a VTOL model.  Includes all servos, mounts, motors, and parts necessary.  You need to supply the T-1 Ranger and a flight controller capable of running Ardupilot.

Heewing T-1 Ranger VTOL Conversion KitInstallation Videos:






2x Servo for tilting
3x FX-1806-2000kv Motors
2x Wing tilting mounts (1x left + 1x right)
1x Carbon tail boom
1x Rear motor mount
1x FX-20A ESC for rear motor
2 pairs Gemfan 5126 props
33x M2*4 Glue patch Countersunk head screw
9x M2*8 prop fixing screw
3 pairs 2.0 golden plugs

Download VTOL Parameters for F405 WSE

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