Holybro Kopis Cinewhoop 3" BNF With DJI Digital FPV

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Holybro's Kopis Cinewhoop 3" is a bind and fly micro quad with the DJI Digital FPV system included.  Get high definition fpv and recorded video out of this amazing performing quad.  Includes a Kakute F7 HDV flight controller, Tekk32 4-In-1 Mini 45A ESC, DJI Digital FPV camera and air unit, and T-Motor F1507 3800kv motors.

Bind and fly if you use the DJI Digital FPV System and Control.  You can add your own receiver if you use another system for radio control.

Holybro Kopis Cinewhoop DJI Motor


  • Frame:  3mm 3k carbon fiber
  • Flight Controller:  Kakute F7 HDV
  • ESC:  Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC
  • VTx:  DJI FPV Air Unit
  • Motor:F1507 KV3800(Standard)
  • Propeller:T3140
  • Battery plug:  XT60
  • Wheelbase: 148.6mm
  • Weight:  274g(included DJI air unit)
  • Recommend battery:  650mah~1300mah 4s

1x Holybro Kopis Cinewhoop 3" BNF With DJI Digital FPV
4x T3140 Propellers
1x Carrying Case
1x Battery Strap

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