Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 65A BLHeli_32 ESC

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Newly updated Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 65A ESC features BLHeli_32 firmware with F3 MCU providing faster responding, smoother operating controller.  Supports up to 80A burst and 65A continuous.

Includes the following improvements over older model.

  • Withstand voltage up to 80V.
  • The first BLHeli_32 ESC in the market with default PWM output 96K giving you smoother and quieter experience.


  • F3(M4 Core) MCU, Runs BLHeli_32 firmware, the MCU works at 108Mhz
  • Mosfet tested at 4S 65A, under props, nothing covered for 1min
  • 18 x 27 mm
  • Supports Lipo 3-6S
  • Ext. cap needed for 6s (330uf 35v for 6s usage.)
  • Onboard WS2812B LED
  • Weight: 4.4g (1pcs)

1x Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC
1x Electrolytic Capacitor:  330uF 35v
1x 24AWG 100mm Black Wire
1x 24AWG 100mm White Wire
1x 24AWG 100mm Blue Wire
1x 16AWG 100mm Red Wire
1x 16AWG 100mm Black Wire

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