iFlight Defender 25 Battery

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Batteries made specifically for the iFlight Defender 25.  Snaps on top and you're ready to fly.  Well protected in molded plastic.  Available in 550mAh and 900mAh.

Using the 550mAh battery, the Defender 25 stays under 250g.  The 900mAh battery pushes the weight to around 280g.

550mAh Specifications:

  • Capacity:  550mAh
  • Cell Combination:  4S1P
  • Weight:  70±2g
  • Size:  105*35*31.5mm±2mm
  • Battery Type:  LiPo
  • Connector:  XT30
  • Cable Length:  32.5±1mm

900mAh Specifications:

  • Capacity: 900mAh
  • Cell Combination: 4S1P
  • Discharge rate: 60C
  • Weight: 100±2g
  • Size: 105*35*31.5mm±2mm
  • Battery type: LI-PO
  • Connector: XT30
  • Cable Length: 32.5±1mm

1x iFlight Defender 25 Battery

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